Welcome to the statistics and visualisation studio


My name is Monica Guzik and my micro business draws beautiful and relevant graphs to help understand data in various points of view. Moreover, I can help with the research of specific statistics and create coresponding charts or maps.


Mini stats


Below is my latest statistic, while the entire collection is in the Flourish Studio.

My latest works


First four countries with the most rated coffee, part of TidyTuesday Challenge.
My first project in the collection Maps in Time is for my home town
Radial bar charts are pretty, they are mainly use to present cyclical patterns in large rows of data

What clients say about my work


"This is a great way to see how much our network has spread since we went on-line. Thanks Monica - its been a pleasure to get to know you over the past year and this is a lovely contribution to our network's information.",



If you think my work could help your business or have a data related question, please contact me at hello@graphsandmaps.co.uk and I will get back to you in the same day or next.